It all begins with bookkeeping because it is a necessity for any business.  If your bookkeeping is out of order, chances are your business is not in order.

Bookkeeping is a systematic recording of business transactions. It is a process of gathering and recording financial transactions in subsidiary books - i.e sales journal, disbursement journal and other books of original entries. It involves coding and classifying transaction and maintainance of general ledger.  Bookkeeping forms the basis on which  financial statements (income statements and balance sheet) are prepared.  

We  provide complete bookkeeping services for clients in a timely  and efficient manner. We can provide your business with cost efficient bookkeeping services at fairly reaonable fees.

If your bookkeeping is not in order, your accounting and financial statement will not be in order, your taxes will  not be in order, consequently, your business will be out  of order.


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